Below you will find links to patient education resources recommended by the providers at Children’s Health Care.

No Show or Missed Appointment Policy

We know there may occasionally be extenuating circumstances that prevent you from bringing
your child to a scheduled appointment, but we request that whenever possible, you notify us at
least 24 hours in advance when this happens. This will allow us to schedule another patient who
needs to be seen.
We will do our best to send you reminders of upcoming appointments. Please keep your contact
information, including phone numbers, email address, and home address, current and up-to-date
with our office so that you do not miss these reminders or other important communications.
A “No-Show” appointment is one that is not kept and was not canceled at least 24 hours in
advance. No-Show appointments can cause delays in providing your child with recommended
care and services. They are also disruptive to our office operations, as the health care provider
reserved time in their schedule specifically for your child.
If you miss a scheduled appointment, one of our Patient Service Representatives will call and/or
we will send you a letter to remind you of the missed appointment and our No-Show policy. We
will do our best to reschedule the appointment at our earliest convenience, but please understand
that given our providers’ busy schedules, an appropriate appointment time may not immediately
be available.
In cases where there is a pattern of No-Show appointments or multiple No-Show appointments
over a twelve-month period, we reserve the right to review the pattern and to terminate our
relationship with your child. If it is determined that termination from the practice is the best
solution to avoid ongoing or future issues, we will send you a certified termination letter. That
letter will notify you that we will continue to see your child for emergency medical care for 30
days from the date of the termination letter.

Separated or Divorced Parents Policy 

At Children's Health Care, our goal is to partner with parents for healthy children. We appreciate that children and families with divorced or separated parents may have unique challenges, and our highest priority is the care of our patients. It is our intent to work cooperatively with parents in accordance with any legal orders that are in place. Please note the following policies: 

1. The providers, medical assistants, nurses, office, and billing staff will not get involved in disputes between parents either over the phone or in the office. 

2. We ask that both parents communicate with each other before visiting the office and reach an agreement regarding health decisions, including appointments, insurance, vaccination, office procedures, or any changes in medical care or treatment plan, as we will not mediate disagreements.

3. In the absence of legal orders, we expect that both parents will cooperate with each other in the best interests of the child. We are unable to restrict communication with any parent without court documentation or documentation from the Department of Children and Families, and only in situations where there is a documented court order will one parent be denied access to the minor's health record or visits at the office. Children's Health Care must have a copy of the court order on file in the minor's medical record.

4. It is both parents' responsibility to communicate with each other about the patient's care, office visit dates, and any other pertinent information relevant to the patient. It is not the responsibility of Children's Health Care to communicate visit information to each custodial parent separately. 

5. Our providers will not call the other parent prior to an appointment to gain consent regarding appointments scheduled, nor will they call the other parent following an appointment. We will not restrict either parent's involvement in the patient's care unless authorized by law; however, we also will not duplicate information delivery unless directed by law.

6. We will send reminders of upcoming appointments by text and/or phone call. We can send this reminder only to the primary phone number listed on the patient's account. [The parent or guardian who completes and signs our new patient packet will be the chart guarantor and therefore receive these reminders.

7. All copays, deductibles, coinsurances, and any other fees are due at the time of the visit and are the responsibility of the parent accompanying the patient to the appointment. If the court agreement states the other parent is responsible for copayments or splitting payments, it is the accompanying parent's responsibility to pay at the time of the visit and collect reimbursement from the other responsible parent. We will be happy to provide a receipt. 

8. If disputes regarding your child's medical care interfere with our ability to care for your child or become disruptive to our practice, we reserve the right to ask you to transfer care to another practice. 


Updated 8/19/2022:


We will be vaccinating children ages 6 months through 4 years of age in our offices during weekend and evening clinics. Clinics will be announced on our social media pages (Facebook and Instagram). As of right now, we will be giving the Moderna vaccine.

If your child receives the vaccine outside of our office, please bring the card to their next appointment so we can record it into their health record.

For information about the vaccine, vaccine safety, and getting the vaccine after Covid-19 infection, please refer to the CDC FAQ page.

To book a vaccine outside of our office, please click HERE to schedule your vaccine or call 211 or 877-211-6277 for assistance. For more information on eligibility and how to schedule an appointment click HERE.

For information about the Covid-19 vaccine and how it works please see this presentation: covid-19 vaccine


The CDC has a covid quarantine and isolation calculator that can help you determine your specific isolation and quarantine requirements.

Click HERE for the calculator.

In summary:

IF YOU TEST POSITIVE FOR COVID-19 (this applies to vaccinated or non-vaccinated individuals): You must isolate for 5 days (day 0 is the day of the positive test) and monitor your symptoms. If you have no symptoms or have been fever free for 24 hours and your symptoms are resolving after 5 days, you may leave your house but must be masked around others through day 10.

IF YOU ARE EXPOSED: You must wear a mask around others for 10 days. The CDC recommends testing on Day 5 after exposure (day 0 is the last day of exposure). You must continue to wear a mask through day 10 even if your test is negative.

If you develop symptoms, test immediately and isolate if even testing is negative.

If a person is continuously exposed to a person who tested positive and cannot be isolated from that person, the exposed person's quarantine does NOT start until the COVID-19 positive person completes their 10-day isolation period. 

The frequency of visits is intended to make sure your child is developing properly. Below you will find the schedule we follow at Children’s Health Care. We will measure your child’s growth and assess development at every visit. We have also listed the procedures and testing that may occur during your appointment so you can best prepare you child. Please note that additional testing may be done based on your individual child’s needs as determined by your provider.

  • 2-4 days After Birth
  • 2 Weeks
  • 1 Month
  • 2 Months: immunizations
  • 4 Months: immunizations
  • 6 Months: immunizations
  • 9 Months: vision exam
  • 12 Months: hemoglobin and lead testing, immunizations
  • 14 Months: immunizations
  • 18 Months: immunizations
  • 2 Years: hemoglobin and lead testing, hearing screening
  • 3 Years: hemoglobin and lead testing, lipid screening, glucose screening, hearing screening
  • 4 Years: hearing and vision screening
  • 5 Years: immunizations, hearing and vision screening as needed for Kindergarten entry
  • 6 Years: hearing and vision screening
  • 7 Years
  • 8 Years: hearing and vision screening
  • 9 Years
  • 10 Years: hearing and vision screening
  • 11 -12 Years: hemoglobin, lipid screening, glucose screening, immunizations
  • 13 Years: hemoglobin (females)
  • 14 Years: hemoglobin (females)
  • 15 Years: hemoglobin, lipid screening, glucose screening
  • 16 Years: hemoglobin (females), immunizations, vision screen, urine testing (females)
  • 17 Years: hemoglobin (females)urine testing (females)
  • 18 Years: hemoglobin, lipid screening, glucose screening, immunizations, urine testing (females)
  • 19 Years: hemoglobin, lipid screening, glucose screening, urine testing (females)
  • 20 Years: hemoglobin, lipid screening, glucose screening, urine testing (females)
  • 21 Years: hemoglobin, lipid screening, glucose screening, urine testing (females)

Please consult our medical library as well as articles we have written on common childhood illnesses and fever. We also provide dosing information for common medications.

Our blog, written by used and for our patients, provides evidence-based information and real-world parenting tips on a variety of parenting topics, mental health and behavioral topics, safety recommendations, and common childhood ailments including headaches, constipation, rashes, and eye conditions and injuries. We also provide information on managing fever and determining the appropriateness of using an ER or Urgent Care. We also have advice, tips, and education on grief, coparenting, traveling with children, and helping a child through a medical appointment or procedure.

Additionally, we provide parents resources on LGBTQAI+ positive parentingracism and health, medical literacy, and evaluating medical information.



Teach Your Child to Swallow a Pill

Here are the current car seat laws in Massachusetts.

For more information about car seat, car seat fitting, accessories, and troubleshooting check out:

Mental Health Information

Navigating a Mental Health Crisis

Lahey Behavioral Crisis Number: 978-521-7777

Community Behavioral Health Center: 933-773-2445 (call or text) or WebChat

24/7 Samaritans Helpline: call or text 877-870-4673

National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Lahey Behavioral Health Walk In Clinic: 978-620-1250

To find a Community Behavioral Health Center, search by zip code HERE.

For help finding a local mental health provider, please utilize the Network of Care Massachusetts.


For more information about mental health see our Behavioral and Mental Health Resources here.

More information about nutrition and our nutrition services here.

Recommended reading for you and your children: ChopChop Magazine!
Available in both English and Spanish, the award-winning, quarterly magazine offers nutritious, great-tasting, ethnically diverse and inexpensive recipes, as well as interesting and little-known food facts, Q & As and games. Praised for its engaging content by the national press, American Academy of Pediatrics, James Beard Foundation, and Parents’ Choice Foundation, ChopChop is inspiring kids to cook and to be nutritionally curious and literate. This magazine is also recommended and supported by Children’s Hospital of Boston.

Barbara Kneeland is our special care coordinator at Children’s Health Care. Her role at CHC is to assist the families of our children* with special or complex health care needs. Although Barbara has a nursing background, her qualifications for this position come largely from her own life experiences parenting a son living with a disability.

Barbara has an extensive knowledge of the services and benefits available to our families and is also available for consultation to assist with special education issues and help families understand the often overwhelming 504 and Individualized Education Plan (IEP) processes.

Contact Our Special Care Coordinator

Phone: (978) 388-7250
Fax: (978) 462-2922
Hours: Monday – Thursday

Please be aware that Barbara receives a high volume of calls each day. She always does her very best to return calls the same business day but cannot always guarantee this. Your patience is much appreciated! Email is often an easier way for both families and Barbara to communicate. Please do not hesitate to utilize this option.

*Barbara’s services are available exclusively to the patients and families of Children’s Health Care of Newburyport and Haverhill, Massachusetts.

These websites are helpful resources for families with children with special needs.

Greater Massachusetts Special-Needs Events

My Children's Teeth