Updated 6/21/2021:


We will be vaccinating children ages 6 months through 5 years of age in our offices during weekend and evening clinics. Clinics will be announced on our social media pages (Facebook and Instagram). As of right now, we will be giving the Moderna vaccine.

We do NOT have vaccine for ages 6 and above at this time. 

If your child receives the vaccine outside of our office, please bring the card to their next appointment so we can record it into their health record.

For information about the vaccine, vaccine safety, and getting the vaccine after Covid-19 infection, please refer to the CDC FAQ page.

To book a vaccine outside of our office, please click HERE to schedule your vaccine or call 211 or 877-211-6277 for assistance. For more information on eligibility and how to schedule an appointment click HERE.

For information about the Covid-19 vaccine and how it works please see this presentation: covid-19 vaccine


The CDC has a covid quarantine and isolation calculator that can help you determine your specific isolation and quarantine requirements. Please note: fully vaccinated means you have had 2 primary series vaccines and a booster 5 months after the primary series if eligible OR you had your 2nd primary shot more than 2 weeks ago and either are not eligible for booster.

Click HERE for the calculator.

In summary:

IF YOU TEST POSITIVE FOR COVID-19 (this applies to vaccinated or non-vaccinated individuals): You must isolate for 5 days (day 0 is the day of the positive test) and monitor your symptoms. If you have no symptoms or have been fever free for 24 hours and your symptoms are resolving after 5 days, you may leave your house but must be masked around others through day 10.

IF YOU ARE EXPOSED AND ARE FULLY VACCINATED (meaning you completed a primary vaccine series plus received a booster vaccine 5 months after the primary series): You must wear a mask around others for 10 days. We recommend testing immediately and on day 5. If you develop symptoms, test immediately and isolate if even testing is negative.

IF YOU ARE EXPOSED AND ARE NOT FULLY VACCINATED OR PARTIALLY VACCINATED (partially vaccinated means not having completed a primary series OR not receiving a booster 5 months after the primary vaccination series): You must quarantine for 5 days (day 0 is the day of exposure). You may leave your house after day 5 but must wear a mask at all times. Test immediately and on day 5. If you develop symptoms during the 10 days after exposure, test immediately and isolate.

If a person is continuously exposed to a person who tested positive and cannot be isolated from that person, the exposed person's quarantine does NOT start until the COVID-19 positive person completes their 10-day isolation period. 

General COVID-19 info

Per the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, patients and family members over the age of 2 must wear masks in our office at all times. This applies to vaccinated patients and families.

CHC can no longer order testing at Anna Jaques Hospital. We have limited ability to test in our office. The provider seeing you for your visit will determine which test is appropriate if recommended during an office visit. We cannot test for travel in our office.

For other testing locations, please visit Mass.gov Get Tested or nh.gov for up-to-date testing site information. This information is changing rapidly as is the time it takes to get test results.

Information about Masks and Children

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the CDC recommend all children over the age of 2 wear a mask when at school or outside of their home. We understand many parents are concerned about their child wearing a mask. Please visit these links that discuss myths around masks as well as children with special needs wearing masks.

Also, please note that we will not be providing letters of exemption for influenza vaccination unless there is a documented allergic reaction to the vaccine. Any issues with influenza vaccination beyond allergic reaction needs to be worked out between your family and the school.

COVID-19 and mental health: This can be a stressful time for children.  Please refer to these resources for more information on how to help your child.